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diwali puja kit (Laxmi Pooja Box)

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26 items
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

This is a whole Pooja Samagri Kit consisting of 26 items including a Hindi Literature which states whole Pujan Vidhi (Ritual).

Ideal for all laxmi worshipers who want to do puja at home without the help of Pundit.

List of 26 items in the Box:

1) Kumkum

2) White Abil

3) Gulal

4) Sindoor

5) Nadachadi (Raksha- Moli)

6) Janoi (Janvi- Yagnopavit)

7) 5 units of Supari (Betalnuts)

8) Agarbati (Incense Sticks)

9) Marudsingh

10) Kamalgatta (Lotus Seeds)

11) Chawal (Whole Rice)

12) Laxmi Photo

13) Panchmeva (Dry Fruit)

14) Gud (Jaggery)

15) Dhania

16) Pili Sarso

17) Honey (Shahad for Panchamrit)

18) Attar (Perfume)

19) Haldi

20) Manjistha

21) Kapoor (Camphor)

22) Cotton

23) Ilaichi (Cardamom)

24) Lavang

25) Red Cloth (1 meter)

26) Shri Yantra (As a Photo)

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