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Vatchintamani Ras (Brihat)

Net Content:
30 tab
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Gross Weight:
35.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Indication :

Very Effective in all types of acute & chronic vataj diseases. It is an alternative & tonic gives energy & strength to heart , nervous system & mind. Indicated in Arthritis, Rheumatism paralysis , Sciatica etc. As it contains Swarna Bhasma it prevents , involvement of unaffected joints, improve grip strength & decrease the erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR).

Composition :

Swarna Bhasma 15 mg,
Chandi Bhasma 10 mg,
Moti Bhasma 15 mg,
Prawal Bhasma 15 mg,
Lauha Bhasma 15 mg,
Rassindoor 35 mg,
Abhrak Bhasma 10 mg.
Bhawana--- Gwarpatha

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