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Urvashi Oil

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50 ml.
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70.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Urvashi Oil

(For women only)

Women are just as likely as men to suffer from a reduced libido.
Recent research gas revealed that women, similar to their male partners, can be too tired or stressed from a long day at work to be bothered about sex life. The research also revealed that menopause, child birth etc. can also put a dampener on their sexual appetite.
Urvashi in Sanskrit means “Beyond Limits” is a new alternative remedy which can restore sexual function and enthusiasm. This Herbal Oil is made by Cold Extraction Process whereby all the vital ingredients are preserved. It contains rare exotic herbs from Himalayas.
Urvashi has proved to be extremely beneficial for women who do not feel like having sex or do not enjoy it.
The common causes of lack of interest could be due to the following:
1) Nervousness, Fear or Anxiety
2) Thought of intercourse with a new partner
3) Stress or Duress (Psychological or Physical)
Certain drugs, particularly antidepressants and anti-anxiety may delay or inhibit the sexual urge.
To reach orgasm, for both male and female it is necessary to be relaxed and confident.
Method of Use:  Apply adequate quantity of the oil gently to the labia majora and minora and slowly massage in circular motion for 5 minutes till the oil is completely absorbed. The massaging action increases the blood flow to the vagina and increases the impulses for initiating the sexual act. The highly organized sensory system then transmits signals to the brain thereby initiating the urge for sex.

The product has already proved highly successful with women who have used the product. It not only increases the libido and sexual satisfaction but boosts energy levels and reduces the severity of PMS symptoms. For sustained satisfaction use the oil everyday when it is desired to have intercourse.

  • NO Side Effects
  • 100% Herbal
  • NO Addiction
  • NO Chemicals


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