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Ujala Eye Drops

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5 ml
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18.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

UJALA is an effective medicine for various ailments of the eyes, such as bayaz ul ain (Opacities of the lens), corneal and vitreous resulting opacities, ramad ( conjunctivitis), dama,a (watery discharge) and headaches resulting from eye caused by nazol ma or motiabind ( cataract) in various stages. It has the property to reverse the formation or progress of motiabind. Thus it may obviate the need for a surgery and so, useful for ziabetus ( diabetic)- persons.

Thousands of eye patients have reported clearer and improved vision after the use of UJALA. It is safe to use; its ingredients have antimicrobial property.

Ujala is usually well tolerated . It is Slighty uneady to the eyes when applied; the discomfort however subsides in a short while. The ingredients used are non-toxic and no side effects or adverse reactions have been reported even after a long term usage.

Composition :

Biskhapra ( Boerhaavia diffusa) 9%.
Shora kalmi (potassi nitras) 2%.
Glycerine 89%.

Preservative : Phenly Mercuric Nitrate

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