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Torchnil Capsules

Net Content:
10 X 10 Capsules
Price includes :
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Dr. Palep's
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Gross Weight:
90.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Composition :

Each capsule contains extracts equivalent to the drug in crude form

Glycerrhiza glabra

250 mg.

Tinospora cordifolia

250 mg.

Solanum xanthocarpum

250 mg.

Solanum indicum

250 mg.

Piper longum

100 mg.

Tribulis terrestris

250 mg.

Clerodendrum serriatum

250 mg.

Punica granatum

250 mg.

Andropogan muricatum

250 mg.

Vanda roxburghi

250 mg.

Rubia cordifolia

250 mg.

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