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Sukhasarak Vati

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80 Tablets
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80.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Improper movement of bowels, hard stools, difficulty in passing stool is commonly called as constipation.

Symptoms: Along with the above symptoms , uneasiness of the abdomen, pain in abdomen , gas formation , back ache , body ache , laziness & drowsiness are the common symptoms.

Causes: The main Causes of constipation are dietary like improper timing of meals excess intake of heavy, stale, sour ,salty and spicy food, without fibre, excessive tea, coffee, alcohol , smoking etc late sleep at night , insufficient water intake , stress, worry , nervousness , grief & fear , suppression of defaecation & urination.

Composition: Each Tab Contains

Indravaruni Choorna (Kadu Indravan)

100 mg

Haritaki Choorna

200 mg

Shuddha Choorna

10 mg

Functioning: A gentle and effective laxative. Sukhasarak Vati removes the coating and faecal matter stuck to the walls of intestine. Sukhasarak Vati also acts on liver & increases the flow of digestive enzymes. This helps in complete digestion of food and so the easy and smooth excretion of faecal matter. It doesn’t get habitual because it promotes also helpful in indigestion , gases , acidity, worms and piles.

Do’s: Chapatis , green vegetables, fruits, moong dal , moog khichidi , rice with home-made ghee coconut , onion garlic vegetables, milk Eat only to satisfy hunger – 3 times a day.

Daily regime: Light excerise like walking , jogging etc., light walking at morning and evening and after meals increases moment of bowel & transport of digested food material.

Don’t: Avoid eating curd, heavy sweets made by milk , fermented food, non-veg, spicy food, fried food, brinjals.

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