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Stamina Tablets

Net Content:
120 Tablets
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80.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Intake of stamina improves overall vigour and vitality as it strengthens the central nervous systems and over all musculature.

Causes: Over thinking , old age group , starvation , excess of panchkarma like Virechan, Chronic diseases like Tuberculosis , Anaemia , Traumatic injuries to the Genitourinary Organs , Sexually transmitted diseases like Syphilis Gonorrhea create disability specially in the sexual functions.

Symptoms: Frequent nightfalls , sexual dysfunction because of bad habits like masturbation , loss of sexual energy because of nervous debility and brain weakness , improper ovulatory function as well as loss of breast tone In females

Composition: Each tab contains

Shuddha Hingul

10 mg

Nag Bhasma

10 mg

Loha Bhasma

10 mg

Abhrak Bhasma

10 mg


40 mg

Aswagandh Choorna

40 mg

Shatavari Choorna

40 mg


40 mg


40 m

Actions: Ingredients of stamina like Ashwagandha, Kapikachhu , Nagbhasma, Lohabhasma , Vang Bhasma improves total physical ability of the body function. It gives natural power of the body. It improves the disability of the body to have natural sexual function. It is useful in any age as it establishes natural physical and mental ability which is required to carry out daily mental and physical activites. It is useful in female functioning and also useful in loss of breast tone.

There are no side effects of this medicine as there are no artificial sex stimulant ingredients . The Contents of this medicine improve the natural sex ability and help in normal functioning of body.

Do’s: Milk cow,s Ghee, almond , Bengal gram, black grams , wheat , meat and eggs.

Daily regime: Yoga, Pranayam excerise.

Don,ts: Spicy sour, bitter food intake over thinking, depression, nervousness.

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