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Special Triphala tablet

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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

The most common problems of eyes are shortsightedness, longsightedness as well as strain due to extra work , reading etc. as well as strain due to extra work, reading etc

Shortsightness: Commonly the problem of short-sightness is noted in school going children. Spectacles are recommended by eye-specialist. But as per age , this Shortsightness goes on increasing leading to the use of thick glasses. Shortsightness is a condition in which the image of the object fails in front of the retina and therefore, the object cannot be viewed clearly . Ophthalmologists recommended the use of minus numbered glasses for these cases.

Shortsightness keeps on increasing as per the age & height of children and there fore the number of glasses too. To stop this process and improve the sight a long term treatment is essential.

Longsightedness: Longsightedness is a problem generally occurring after the age of 40 years. When the image of an object fails behind the retina it is termed as long sightedness. Opthalmologist recommended the use of plus numbered glasses for these cases. This problem cannot be totally cured but to prevent deterioration , treatment is recommended.

Eyes are under constraint strain in some kids of jobs like people operating computers, welders, excess of traveling in the sun like sales representatives etc.

It is very important for these people to take care of their eyesight and therefore for a special eye tonic is essential . Special Triphala is a very special eye tonic.

Triphala churna is made by mixing Hirda, Behada & Awala in equal quantity. Generally whole dried fruits of these medicines are used. In actually only the outer shell of these medicines is useful. The whole fruits is less effective. Special Triphala includes only the powder of the outer shell of these fruits. The Proporation of these ingredients is not equal but according to the proporation mentioned in Sharangdhar Samhita for use in eye problems. Shuddha Gandhak which helps in faster action of these medicines is added to it. Therefore it is very useful in eye problems.

Ingredients : Each tab Contains

Haritaki Choorna

45 mg

Amalaki Choorna

360 mg

Behada Choorna

90 mg

Shuddha Gandhak Churna

10 mg

The function of the eye (Ciliary muscles) is improved with the help of muscle tone.

Therefore special Triphala with Muscletone is a very effective combination in eye problems. Add few drops of cow ghee or coconut oil to each nostrils at night & rub it around eyes & nostrils.

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