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Shatvari Powder

Net Content:
50 gm
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70.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Shatavari is the main rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb for women. Shatavari has been safely used in Ayurveda for fertility and vitality & simultaneously improves lactation durning pre & post delivery. It nourishes and cleanses both the blood and the female reproductive organs. Shatavari is also a source of plant driven estrogen, making Shatavari is also a source of plant driven estrogen making Shatavari a healthy choice for nursing, menopausal & post-menopausal women.

Each Capsules contains

Shatavari Extract (Asparagus Racemosus)

250 mg

Shatavari Powder (Asparagus Racemosus)

100 mg

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