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Safroil Face Massage Oil

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56.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Helps to restore natural glow and moisturize facial skin.Protect from pimples,wrinkleness,black spots,scars,facial tension and enhances fairness

Composition :
Each ml contains

Curcuma longa               500mg
Aloe bardadensis           500mg
Crocus sativus                 2.5mg
 Mimusops elaegi           12.5mg
Rubia cordifolia                 9mg
Nelumbo nucifera            1.1mg
Jasminum officinale       1.05mg
Vetiveria zizanoides       8.5mg
Glycyyyyrrhiza gloabra   9.5mg
Caesalpina sappan           6.5mg
Rosa centifolia                  9mg
Mesua ferre                      6.5mg
Woodfordia fruticoas       5.5mg
Hemidesmus indicus          9mg
Cow milk                               4ml
Sesamum Oil                         1ml  

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