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Raktavardhak Vati

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120 tablets
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78.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Low Degree absorption of iron, Vitamin C & calcium induces debility in terms of quantitative factors of blood , bone and nervine tissues.

Causes: After deliveries , Surgeries occurs loss of blood and lowers above factors. In old ages it automatically lowers the levels. In pregnancy , developing  stages of childhood requirement of these factors is heavy.

Symptoms: Anaemia , Palpitation , giddiness ,anorexia, nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, musculoskeletal pain, diminished resistant power, oedema.

Composition: Each tab contains

Mandoor Bhasma

15 mg

SU. Makshik Bhasma

10 mg

Amalaki (Embelica officinalis) Choorna

200 mg

Binders & Excipients Q.s


Action: contents of Raktavardhak Vati nourishes the bone marrow which in turn increase RBC in blood, developed immunity and stamina. So it is useful in following conditions :

  1. Pregnant  women for proper nourishment of foetus and mother.
  2. After delivery to correct the anaemia and for good lactation.
  3. Pica-Habit of eating mud can be reduced.
  4. To improve immunity & Strengthens bones and increase efficiency in old age group.
  5. To Stop the hairfall & healthy growth of hair.

Do’s: Cream , Ghee , Milk, Green Vegetables, Carrot , Beet, Almond, fruits, dates, Black currents and raisins, Nachani, Rajgira.

Daily regime: Walking , jogging , Yoga.

Don’t: Spicy , heavy food, Excessive work stale food, late night sleep, smoking alcohol consumption.

Dose: Raktavardhak vati : 2 Tablets daily 3-4 times with water or milk.

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