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Raktadosh Nashak Vati

Net Content:
120 Tablets
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75.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Effective remedy for pimples and Skin Diseases

Causes: Excessive intake of spicy and oily food, curds, non-veg, salt,alcohol,eating after indigestion, intake of mutually contraindicated food articles as –milk & fruit ,milk-fish, more salt intake, Sleeping durning day time, worm infestation, intake of toxic drugs, exposure to sun or heat in excess.

Symptoms: Pimples, Eczema , Allergic rash, Scars, Warts, Fungal infections, gout, White spots on body , Scabies , Varicose veins , Arteriosclerosis , Splenomegaly , Infective hepatitis etc

Actions: Blood is a very important constituent of body. Rakthdoshnashak vati improves quality of blood & also purifies it.

It eliminates toxins from blood through urinary passage and helps to protect vital organs as spleen, liver, heart, kidney from damage because of blood impurities. It also helps in healing o f wounds and stops purulent discharge and bleeding from wounds.Thus it is effective in swelling of internal and external organ-abcesses , itching, rashes , pimples and hiar dandruff also.

Do’s: Wheat milk, Cream , cow’s ghee , buttermilk , green vegetables , Amala , Grapes , Padwal , Mugdal.

Don,t: Spicy , oli food , alcohol, Sleeping during day time ,smoking , mutually contraindicated foods.

Composition : Each Tab Contains

Manjistha Choorna

20 mg

Daruharidra (Daruhalad) Choorna

20 mg

Haridra (Halad) Choorna

20 mg

Amruta (Gulvel) Choorna

20 mg

Gokshur (Gokharu) Choorna

20 mg

Kadaunimb (Saal) Choorna

30 mg

Sariwa (Anantmool) Choorna

30 mg

Triphala Choorna

120 mg

Shuddha Gandhak Choorna

20 mg

Shuddha Guggul

30 mg

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