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Pylowin Tablet

Net Content:
100 Tablets
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Gross Weight:
75.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Itching at anus , painful defeacation , wart at anus forms piles

Causes: Excess intake of spicy , oily ,dry , stale food ,which is hard to digest . Excessive intake of non-veg , til oil and food containing jiggery, alocohol consumption , irregular bowel habits, sleeping during day time , Sedentary profession , Habitual constipation .

Composition: Each Tab Contains

Shunthi Choorna

20 mg

Marich Choorna

20 mg

Pimpali Choorna

20 mg

Daruharidra Choorna

40 mg

Nishottar Choorna

100 mg

Tankan Lahi

20 mg


20 mg

Sajjikshar Choorna

40 mg

Nagkeshar Choorna

20 mg

Shuddha Guggul

20 mg

Kumari Ghanasar (Kala bol)

40 mg

Surankand (Bhavana dravya)

50 mg


  • Wart at anus , painful defaecation , indigestion , constipation , gases , per rectal bleeding during and after defaecation are the symptoms of piles.
  • Abscess formation around anus , painful defaecation are the symptoms of piles.
  • Abscess formation around anus , bleeding purulent discharge from the wound of anus , pain and burning are the symptoms of fistula.
  • The root cause of piles and fistula is problem of digestive power (Pachak Agni). Indigestion causes accumulation of faecal matter in the rectum which in turn experts pressure on anal area . It gives to piles & fistula.

Action: The Contents o Pylowin activate the liver and regulate the secretions of digestive enzymes . This helps the digestive process and also excretion by softening faecal matter

The other contents of Plyowin helps to reduce the weakness of intestinal muscle by strengthening them and hence regulate the process of peristalsis. The disorder of constipation is therefore decreased.

It helps to reduce bleeding from piles and fistula by purifying blood contents and hence improving its quality. It also acts as wormicidal ,appetizer and carminative.

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