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60 Tab
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Herbal Hills
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80.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Each 550 mg coated tablet contains

Pashanbhed Saxifraga ligulata 200 mg
Shuddha Guggul Balsamodendron mukul 50 mg
Gokshura Extract Tribulus terrestris 100 mg
Varun Extract Crataevia nurvala 50 mg
Punarnava Extract Boerhavia diffusa 50 mg
Kanchanaar Extract Bauhinia variegata 50 mg
Ashwagandha Extract Withania Somnifera 50 mg
Processed with Kulath Kwath Dolichos biflorus qs
Excipient   qs






Take 1 tablet twice daily, before meals or as directed by the physician.

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