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Pentacid Tab

Net Content:
120 Tablets
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83.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

The increased acidic nature of pitta is called as “Amlapitta” in Ayurveda

Causes: Excess of sour, salty & spicy food , consumption of too hot , too cold , sweet products , milk products, tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking , too much exertion, worry, anger , fear etc.

Composition: Each Tab Contains

Shankh Bhasma

20 mg

Shunth Choorna

20 mg


80 mg

Shuddha Gopichandan

80 mg

Shuddha Garik

120 mg

Symptoms: Bitter , sour test in mouth and throat, burning sensation in throat , headache, heaviness , feeling of laziness and drowsiness, restlessness , nausea and vomiting, pain in stomach.


Excess intake of sour, salty & spicy food increases acidic nature of pitta , due to which digestive power gest dimished & causes indigestion of food. This give rise to symptoms like burning sensation in throat, vomiting, nausea, restleness etc.

Pentacid is a qualitative formulation of Ayurvedic ingredients having digestive , carminative & antacid effects.

It acts positively on liver and stomach and monitors the secretions of digestive enzymes. The improved digestive function in turn declines acidic nature of pitta.

These sweet and tasty tablets can be taken by anyone and anywhere.

Do’s: Wheat , mug ,rice ,satu karela, padwal, chandan, batawa, pomegranate, milk , black current.

Don’t: Tila, udid , kulitha, curd, alcohol, sour salty heavy foods, spicy , oily foods, bread, wadapav, idli , dosa,smoking, non-veg.

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