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Newcrop Grow Hair Gel

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Product Description & Composition (as on package)


Grow Hair Gel


Each 100g Contains

Amla                             10.00%

Jaswand                          3.20%

Henna                              3.00%

Jatamansi                         0.40%

Anantmool                       0.40%

Maka                                 0.40%

Manjistha                         1.00%

Indigo                                0.50%

Neem                                 0.10%

Aloe vera juice                 3.50%

Perfumed gel Base                q.s.




Instructions  For Use :

Open cap and Alu. Foil.

Apply directiy on wet hair

Scalp and hair roots.

Keep for 10 minutes and

wash well with plain water.

Good for men and women

Of all ages.Avoid harsh shampoo.

Newcrop gel a combination of special hair follicle stimulant herbs and Aromatherapy oils. This formula is researched, and intensely used successfully, on many women of all ages in india and aboroad.

What does Newcrop gel contain and what does it to?

It contains

Amla:maintains acidic PH of scalp, Cleanses and nourishes

Jaswand: is Keshya (helps in hair growth and imparts deep colour) it stimulates hair follicles , cools the scalp and aliminates toxins.Arrests thining and balding of scalp.

Henna:cools and rejuvenates scalp, gives a bounce and prevents graying .

Jatamansi:is keshya according to ayurveda, is fragrant and invigorates follicles in scalp and helps in faster growth of hair

Raktachandan: is cooling , detoxifying and nourishing.

Anantmul: helps in balancing vata pitta dosha, improves lymphatic and circulatory flow.

Maka: prevents graying , blackens hair, cooling and removes toxins

Manjishtha: improves blood circulation of scalp.

Indigo: deepens and prolongs black colour and removes toxins

Neem: Acts as natural antiseptic , eliminates bacteria and fungus and cools the scalp.

Rosemary oil: is anti oxidant, antimicrobial, fungicidal, antilice, cleansing and stimulating,  clears dandruff and prevents hair loss. Excellent hair tonic improves circulation of scalp. Relaxes and clears mind.

Geranium oil: Cleanses and tones the scalp, reduces inflammation, relieves headlice & dandruff and helps in alleviating stress and anxiety

Lavender Oil: antiseptic,  anti inflammatony, regenerative, promotes cell growth , normalizes dry and greasy scalp. Relaxes mind.

Cypress Oil: astringent and soothing , helps in greasy scalp, reduces sweating , calms mind astringent

Juniper oil: antiseptic , helps in healing skin. Removes spasm and tightness of scalp and improves circulation. Cleanses and detoxifies scalp and opens lymphatic blockage

Motia Rosha: stimulates hair follicle and enhances hair growth. Helps in arresting graying of hair

Who should use Newcrop gel ?

This gel is safe and effective for men, women, children and elderly people. It is most effective against hair-loss, dandruff, split-ends, balding, it relieves itching , burning and dryness of scalp. it soothens the flaking and sticky dishcharge.

The scalp which is injured due to hard water, pollution, excessive sweating helmets, swimming, chemicals(used in antilice , hair-dye , perming , bonding, shampoo sprays) is healed and is rejuvenates only by this gel.

Excessive thinning, Alopecia areata cases can be effectively treated with Newcrop gel. Those with hair loss due to hormonal imbalance (during puberty, menopause, pcos, sterility and gynecological treatments) can use Newcrop gel to arrest the hair loss and stimulate new growth. The male hormone pattern of balding can be arrested with regular use of this gel.

How to use Newcrop gel

Daily apply to scalp, gently massage and wash after 10 minutes

Advantages of Newcrop gel

Safe (without any harmful chemicals) Ready to use, mild natural fragrance , easily washable, non- oily, nourishes scalp (an alternative to hair oil) gives luster and bounce. Maintains healthy scalp

Packing 100 and 500 g.

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