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Myodrrops XL

Net Content:
30 cap
Price includes :
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Shree Narnaryan
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Gross Weight:
95.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Composition :
Each Soft Gelatin Capsules Contain :

Terminalia Arjuna Bark 38 mg
Hemedesmus Indica Root 18 mg
Mangifera Indica Bark 18 mg
Moringe Oelifera Bark 18mg
Murraya Koengil Leaf 18 mg
Piper Longum Fruit 18 mg
Boerhaavia Diffusa Root 38 mg
Moringe Achyranthes
Aspera Root 18 mg
Rauwolfia Serpentia Root 16 mg

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