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Mahanarayan Tel

Net Content:
200 ml.
Price includes :
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Gross Weight:
340.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

This is a widely used remedy for curing all the Vata Roags(joint and muscular pains). Massage with this oil helps to provide quick & lasting relief from joint pains, backache, Pain in the ribs, groin and calf injuries or pain in any part of the body etc. Massage with this Oil Strengthens muscles and bones.

Composition :
Each 10 ml contains

Tila Taila 10 ml,
Manjistha -625.11 mg,
Haridra- 156.27 mg,Rasna,
Svbeta Chandan,Puskara,Suksmalla,Manjishtha,Yasti,
Musta,Tejpatra, Bhrngaraja, Rddhi(Varahi),
Vrddhi (Varahi), Kakoli (Asvagandha),
Ksirakakoli (Asvagandha), Jivaka (Vidari),
Rsabhaka (Vidari), Meda (Stavri),
Mahameda (Satavari), Balaka (Usira),
Vaca, Palasamula, Raktapunarnava,
Granthiparni, Corapuspi – 78.13 mg each,
Bilva, Asvagandha , Brhati, Goksura,
Syonaka, Bala , Paribhdra, Kantakari,
Atibala, Raktapunarnava, Agnimantha,
Prasarini, Patala – 0.78 g each,Satavari Kvatha- 10ml,
Karpura, Kunkuma,Kasturi (Amabara)- 39.06 each.

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