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Lukowin Tablet

Net Content:
50 Tablets
Price includes :
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Gross Weight:
42.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Composition: Each Tablet Contains

Naga Bhasma (Lead bhasma)

1 mg

Vanga Bhasma (Stanum bhasma)

3 mg

Jasad Bhasma (Zinc bhasma)

4 mg

Loha bhasma( Iron bhasma)

12 mg

Godanti bhasma

20 mg

Shubhra-Turati Lahi (Alum dehydrated)

20 mg

Askand Choorna (Withania somnifera)

40 mg

Shatavari Choorna (Asparagus racemosus)

40 mg

Bhui Kohla Choorna (Ipomoea digitata)

80 mg

Triphala Choorna

120 mg

Ashoka SalBharad (Bhavanadravya ) (Saraka indica)

40 mg

Lodhra Sal Bharad (Bhavana dravya) (Symplocos racemosa)

40 mg

Binders & Excipients


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