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Jojoba oil

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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Botanical Name- Simmondsia chinensis
Parts of plant used- Seeds
Carrier oil- (Pronounced hohoba)
Actions- It is not an oil but liquid was (Has replaced sperm whale oil in cosmetic industry) has good keeping quality because it contains 97% was esters and very little fathy acids. Contains myristic acid which is antiflammatory inhibits excess sebum formation and assists in breaking down sebum contains proteins and minerals has antioxidants property. Antibacterial action. Highly penetrating balance brain and pituitory gland
1.In case of acme it helps in dissolving the sebum formation and arrests excessive formation of sebum.
2.Dry skin, psoriasis, eczema.
3.Anti inflammatory- to soothen skin in allergy rush, itching, burning, neuralgic pain.
4.Good for arthritis and rheumatism
5.Beneficial in dandruff and gets rid of dead cells faster. Add lustre to hair and improve hair health.
6.Helps in lengthening the shelf life of other oils.
7.Can use 100% on in dilution with other oils.

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