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Hem Glo Capsules

Net Content:
60 Cap.
Price includes :
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Luna Pharma
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Gross Weight:
62.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

For Iron & Calcium deficiency Immunobooster Forumula.

Composition :
Each Capsule Contains an extract of :

Ashwangandha 60 mg.
Shatavari 60 mg.
Bhangro 20 mg.
Brahmi 40 mg.
Rohitak 20 mg.
Kharjur 20 mg.
Paan 10 mg.
Amalaki 25 mg.
Punarnava 25 mg.
Bhumi Amalaki 25 mg.
Kashis Amalaki 25 mg.
Trifla 25 mg.
Kadui 25 mg.
Trikatu 25 mg.
Preservatives q.s

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