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Fattolin Tab

Net Content:
120 Tablets
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Gross Weight:
80.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

For Fat Reduction

Accumulation of unwanted fats or Med in the body leads to obesity and many other kinds of diseases. This unwanted fat is harmful to human body. So reduction of fat is very necessary. There are so many reasons behind accumulation of fat which are given below.

Causes: It is very necessary to reduce excessive fat. The causative factors of fattiness like lack of exercise , sedentary work, intake of fats and carbohydrates in excess like milk, milk products , eggs , fish, meat, sweets, only fried foods, heredity etc reduce burning of fat. The Person experiences false hunger and eats accordingly thereby again increasing fat content. The cycle keeps on continuing & finally results in the loss of functional power of vital organs like heart, liver, kidney , uterus etc which leads to many diseases.

Symptoms: Increase in blood cholesterol , narrowing of blood vessels, which leads to impairment in proper blood flow , Varicose, veins, breathlessness on exertion blood clot as well as laziness and drowsiness,

Action: The Contents of Fattolin act on that Part of digestive process which digests fat and converts it in to energy. Fattolin prevents excess formation of fat as well as digests the existing fat. There is a feeling of lightness within a month and weight loss in the next 3-4 months depending on individual constitution.

Composition :
Each Tab Contains :

(Zingiber officinale ) 20 mg.,
(piper nigrum) 20 mg.,
(piper longum) 20 mg.,
(Plumbago Zeylanica ) 20 mg.,
(Embelia ribes) 20 mg.,
Shuddha Gandhak 20 mg.,
(Bauhinia variegate) 40 mg.,
(Tribulus terrestris) 40 mg.,
Triphala 100 mg.,
Shuddha Guggal (Balasamodendron
Mukul ) 100mg.
each ,
Binders & Excipients q.s.

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