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Carmin Tablet

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120 tablets
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82.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Carmin is most effective in expelling of gases,associated pain, spasm and growing sounds in abdomen.

Causes: The main cause of gases are dietary like irregular meal hours, spicy,stuff,excess intake of stale,sour,spicy,salty food like missal-pav,brinijals,potato.Excess intake of tea,coffee,alcohol,smoking,sleeping late at night,stress,nervousness,worry,suppression of natural motions like defecation and urination etc.Heavy undigested food remains in the intestine and induces growth of micro-organisms and results in formation of foul smelling gases and worms.Motility of bowel decreases which causes symptoms like fullness of stomach, distention, indigestion,worms and constipation,loss of apetite.

Ingredients: Each tab contains

Shunthi choorna

40 mgs

Shuddha gandhak choorna

40 mg

Hingu choorna

40 mg

Latakaranj choorna

40 mg


80 mg


80 mg

Shuddha kuchala.

40 mg

Symptoms : Along with above symptoms fullness of abdomen,pain in abdomen,gas formation,excess ,backache,constipation,nausea,laziness,drowsiness are common symptoms.

Action : contents of carmin toneup bowel,increases its motility due to which flow of digestive enzymes increases,giving strength. The food gets properly digested,then it helps in easy excretion of gases and destroys worms. Carmin gives strength to intestine,avoids the growth of worms as well as helps in digestion of food and gives freshness and lightness.

Do`s : Chapati,green vegetables,fruits,moongdal,milk,rice,coconut,garlic in vegetables,buttermilk,use of ginger and lemon in meals.

Daily Regime : Light exercise like walking,jogging,yoga etc.

Don`t : Food causing constipation and belching like harbhara,pawata,wadapav,missal,cold drink,stale food,excessive smoking,alcohol consumption.

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