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Bren-kam Tablet

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120 tablets
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100.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Bren-kam is very good brain & nervine tonic

Causes: Mental stress & strain,overthinking,overexertion,physical weakness,mental weakness.Late night sleep,improper dietary habits,constipation,old age, high blood pressure,alcohol consumption. Because of above reasons impairment of brain function is observed and also it affects physical & mental health.

Indications: Sleeplessness,loss of memory,giddiness,headache psychological disturbances,loss of thinking & expressing capacity.

Ingredients: Each Tab Contains

Vacha (vekhanda) choorna

20 mg

Sarpagandha choorna

20 mg

Ashwagandha choorna

40 mg

Brahmi (mandookparni) choorna

40 mg

Shankhapushpi (shankhavali) choorna

40 mg

Jatamansi choorna

40 mg

Action: Ingredients of brenkam tone up the cells of brain,heart and also act on mind. It improves functioning of brain. It improves learning ,retaining & remembering capacities of brain. It strengthens the brain and one can experience mental stability & natural calm and quiet sleep.

Dose: Brenkam-2 tabs twice daily.


Do's: cow`s milk / ghee, almond, almond oil.

Don't: spicy food, worries, anxiety,emotional stress & strain, over thinking,anger, alcohol consumption.

Daily Regime: Head & foot massage with til & almond oil, deep breathing, yogasanas, meditation,prayer of omkar & other mantras.

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