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30 Capsules
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13.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Herbal Power booster for men.

Composition: Each Capsule Contains

Kawach Beej

100 mg

Myristica Fragans

50 mg

Cholorophytum Arundinaceau

50 mg

Withania Somnifera

50 mg

Tribulus terrestris

50 mg

Astrcantha longifolia

50 mg

Crocus Sativus

10 mg

Shudha Shilajit

50 mg

Trivang Bhasma

20 mg

Prawal Pishti

10 mg

Indications: General Weakness, lose of libido , impotency due to anxiety in sexual performance , premature, premature ejaculation mental stress, depression, loss of apatite etc.

Action of Ashwatul-x: Sometimes with the hectic, lifesytles, male desire for sex tends to taper off early due to less nutrition , weakness , mental and physical stress and sluggish blood circulation around genitals. Herb is Ashwatul-X improves quality and quantity of semen, increases strength as well as blood circulation.

It gives muscle toning , well nourished mind and high energy level to achieve complete satisfaction.

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