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Arco Tablets

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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Effective for joint pain, Rheumatism

Causes: Rheumatism is a disease marked by inflammation and pain in joints and muscles usually recurrent and specially caused by production and circulation of a substance called Ama In the body. This ama is produced by improper digestion as well as disturbed metabolism and it gets lodged in joints , muscles & neurons. Also due to degenerative changes in old age group , Inflammation of joint , slip disc , spondylitis, sciatica are most common diseases.

Composition : Each tab Contains

Rasna Choorna

20 mg

Punarnava Choorna

20 mg

Haridra (Halad) Choorna

20 mg

Gokshur (Gokhru ) Choorna

20 mg

Jasad Bhasma

20 mg


200 mg

Shuddha Guggul

100 mg

Indications: For arthritis , spondylitis ,slip disc. For oedma & Redness of joint.

Symptoms: Joint pain , Inflammation of joints , Inflammation of Vertebrae , Slip disc , neural pains , Sciatica.

Actions: Ingredients of Arco like Punarnava, Gokshur , Rasna help to eliminate Amavish (Toxins) from blood through urinary passage and thus it reduces Inflammation of joints .

Do,s: Cow’s Ghee, milk , Chapati , green vegetables, garlic , moong Khichadi

Daily regime: Gentle physical excerise like walking, Yogasana.

Don,t: Sleep During day time, curds and other sour things, pulses and their preparation, cold-drinks , Non-Veg.


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