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AloeRaj Fibrous Juice

Net Content:
500 ML
Price includes :
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Aryan Herbals
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Gross Weight:
600.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Regulation of body Metabolisum, function Important, Indigestion Allergy, Acidity, Blood Purifier, Asthama, Diabetes, Skin Dieases, Prevents Infection Immunity Booster, Important in Kindey Function Regulation.

Aloeraj Fibrous Juice

Approved class II preservative added drink on a morning empty stomach 30 to 40 ml using measuring cap and one hour food, store in a fridge, within one month, after seal broken. Proprietary Food.

Being a Natural Product colour of the product may change without affective the efficacy.

Do not buy if pack is puffed shake well before use.

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