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Allerclin Tablet

Net Content:
60 Tablet
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Sanjeevani Pharma
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Gross Weight:
27.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Indications :

Helpful in Blood Purification, Skin diseases & allied conditions.

Composition :
Each pill of 300 mg contains :

Musta Churna 30 mg.
Manijstha churna 60 mg.
Khadir Churna  24 mg.
Sariva Churna 60 mg.
Dhamasa Ghana 24 mg.
Ambah Halidi Ghana 30 mg.
Gulvel Ghana 36 mg.
Mukta Shukti Pisti 12 mg.

Bhavana Dravya: Mix Bhavana one neem patra , Bahava magaj, maka patra

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