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Dr.Jain’s Forest Herbals pvt. Ltd. (Reg.) Mumbai had introduced jaswand gel after extensive research and clinical trials in 1992. It is 100% natural grl without chemicals or solvents. It is prepared from jaswand (Hibiscus rosa sinensis ) flowers and other ‘keshya’ herbs (those which stimulate hair growth and maintain the natural colour of hair) prescribed in Ayurveda. The regular of Jaswand Gel gives excellent nutrition to scalp and is an effective alternative to oil application.

Action of Jaswand Gel 

Jaswand Gel stimulates the resting hair follicles and induce hair growth. When one starts losing hair the follicles remain in resting phase and then retire. (This happens very fast in males due to androgenic hormones ) it is very important to stimulate this resting follicle in time. Regular use of Jaswand Gel achieves this and arrests the thinning and balding of scalp.        Jaswand Gel reduces the burning , itching, scaling, dryness of scalp and removes the excessive heat and cools the scalp. The injury inflcted on hair and scalp due to shampoo, hair dye chemicals, helmet, water from borewells sun exposure, pollution, excessive sweating, swimming is removed with the help of Jaswand Gel and the scalp starts healing.The natural protective acid mantle of the scalp is restored well. Hair problems like dandruff, psoriasis, splitting of hair can be resolved with regular application of jaswand gel.         Jaswand Gel helps to maintain the natural hair colour. If Jaswand Gel is used regularly with the first sign of hair graying , one can arrest the further graying of the scalp. This is very helpful in families where graying of hair is inherited. Use of chemical hair dye also enhances the graying of hair and in such case Jaswand Gel help in reducing the damage to scalp and heals it is that further greying can be arrested. (One must discontinue use of hair dye and switch over to Dr. Jain’ s “Greynil” which colours hair naturally and safely and gives wonderful blackish shade.)

Some hair types are very difficuit to set and comb. Jaswand Gel helps in such cases Jaswand Gel stops the hair fall , stimulates the hair growth, makes  them soft and black and adds wonderful lustre to them.

How to use Jaswand Gel

Mix 2 teaspoons of jaswand Gel (adjust according to hair ) with equal amount of water and apply to hair roots and shafts , massage gently , Keep for 20 min and wash of (can use Dr. Jain’s herbal Shampoo for hair wash ) Repeat every alternate day.  If you use tanker or borewell water it is necessary to apply Jaswand Gel before hair wash so as to have a protective barrier on scalp.  One can mix Jaswand Gel with other protects by Dr. Jain’s Donacare for dandruff, Grow Hair Gel for hair growth.

Why Jaswand GeL is Unique ?

*Jaswand Gel is  100 % natural product manufactured according to GMP regulations. Best quality sterilized herbs are used while preparing this Gel.

*it is very safe and effective for children as well as senior citizens, in males and females , particularly in cancer patients taking radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

*fragrant , easy to wash. Dose not stain clothes , easy to apply and without any oily or sticky touch.

*it is an effective alternative to hair oil for nourishing the scalp and hair.

*It saves time. One can apply it to scalp before brushing teeth or shaving and in 20 min it can be washed . This procedure can be easily incorporated in hectic daily routine.

Available in 100g. and 500g. packs.

Composition   : Each 100 g Contents

Jaswand Flower                               3.20%

Mehandi pan                                    3.00%

Maka                                                  0.40%

Manjishtha                                        1.00%

Indigo                                                0.50%

Jatamansi                                          0.40%

Anantmul                                          0.40%

Neem pan                                          0.1%

Perfumed Gel Base                              q.s. 

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