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Vita-Ex Gold Plus

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20 Cap
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105.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Advancing age means loss of youthfulness, Vitality & Stamina. Lack of excerise, stress, prolonged use of various medication, heavy smoking, alcoholism etc can lead to a decrease in desire and virility. In ayurveda valuable herbs known for relieving sexual problems are samhita the herbs & minerals are mentioned which help to lead a healthy sexual life. After extensive study of all these herbs & minerals. Baidyanth Vita-Ex-Gold plus capsule has been specially formulated with Roupya Bhasma & Swarna Bhasma together with 14 Valuable herbs to overcome the problems of sex and to enhance & experience moments of pleasure and happiness. Baidyanath Vita-Ex-gold plus is a time tested and proven vitality product.Imparts strength to muscles.

 Major ingredients:

  •  Silver Bhasma: It strengthens the muscles. Imparts strength to the body tissues & Vital organs, especially to the reproductive systems.
  • Swarna-Bhasma: A proven vitality-booster & nervine tonic. Promotes longevity . Imparts strength. Improves sexual vigour & vitality.
  •  Saffrom : Stimulant,aphrodisiac & nervine tonic. Kesar contains pircrocrocin which has the ability to cause erotic sensation. Picrocrocin which has the ability to cause erotix sensation.
  • Safed Musli : Well known sexual tonic . Effective in seminal weakness& impotence.
  • Kounchbeej : Acts as Aphrodisiac effective in spermatorrhea . Improves sexual health.
  • Ashwagandha : Rasayana & Rejuvenative tonic. Acts as aphrodisiac.
  • Madan Oil : Ensures satisfactory performance Enhacnce virility & Vitality.

Indications: In case of Weakness & general debility for better results use baidyanath ‘ Madan Oil’ along with Vita-Ex-gold .Take to 15 drops of oil and apply gently on sex organ for 5 to 10 minutes before having sex.

Composition: Each capsule contains

Shodhit Shilajeet

50 mg

Safed Musali

50 mg


40 mg


15 mg

Rauya Bhasma

15 mg

Abhrak Bhasma

15 mg

Kant Loha Bhasma

15 mg


15 mg


15 mg

Samudra Shosh

15 mg


15 mg


15 mg


15 mg

Kaunch Beej

120 mg


20 mg

Salam Misri

20 mg


20 mg


20 mg

Veng Bhasma

20 mg

Swarna Bhasma

2 mg

Bhavna Dravya : Semal Chhal, Satavari, Brahmi, Chandan Safed, Mulethi.             



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