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Muscle Tone Tablet

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120 Tablets
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80.00 Grams
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Product Description & Composition (as on package)

Useful as bone and Muscle Tonic

Causes: Old age, chronic diseases, malnourished food, excess intake of spicy foods ,irregular lunch hours , Smoking ,alcohol consumption , decreased immunity because of different diseases, all above are the causes for loss of muscular power.

Symptoms: Loss of Muscular strength and its motivating action in any group, rickets ,weight loss , general debility , paralytic conditions , decreased immunity.

Ingredients: Each Tablets Contains

Shatavari Choorna

40 mg

Ashwangandha Choorna

40 mg

Arjun Choorna

40 mg

Amalaki Choorna

40 mg

Vidarikand Choorna

40 mg

Mandoor Bhasma

10 mg

Action: Muscle tone is a multipurpose tonic which nourishes the muscles , bones and neurons as well as increases their strength and general body weight. The contents of muscle tone increase the blood forming minerals and hence increase blood supply to bones and muscles. It also increases calcium and increases strength of bones and muscles.

It can also be used in cardiac weaknesses to increase strength of cardiac muscles which in turn improves functioning. It improves cardiac functioning . It improves immunity power and working capacity.

It is useful in anaemia and also useful as very good hair tonic as it improves blood supply to hair root.

It is useful in growing children for weight gain.

Do’s : Milk , milk products , sweets , nutritional food like almond, coconut and water , fruits , green vegetables, black currents , tomato , dates.

Daily regime: Yogasane , Walking , Suryanamaskar.

Don,t: Malnourished food, stale food, spicy food , alcohol , smoking , over exertion , sleeping late at night.

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